Exchange Assets
like never before

Peer-to-Peer Multi-Asset Exchange for Fungible
and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

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Why EXA?

Peer to Peer

Trade securely with no intermediary.

FTs & NFTs

Create, Sell and Buy both FTs & NFTs.

Multi Asset

Exchange up-to 4 assets at once.

Carbon Friendly

Designed from the ground up to be sustainable.



Sell and buy any asset however you want.

  • Multi-assets exchange
  • Trade FTs and NFTs
  • Exchange to peer or market
  • Set a purchase time limit

Deal directly with asset holders from goldfishes to whales.

  • View all holders from a specific ASA
  • Deal ASAs directly with holders

Receive deals anytime from anyone with no effort.

  • View your holdings
  • Send and Receive ASAs to/from peer
  • Receive deals from buyers
  • Create/Manage ASAs

Exchange assets from other chains.

  • Wrap and exchange assets from other chains


Q4 2021
  • Full Documentation and 2022 Roadmap Release
  • Testnet Launch with Core Features
  • Security Audit
Q1 2022
  • Mainnet Launch EXA v1
  • Governance and Token Release
  • Exa bridges live on Testnet
Q2 2022
  • Exa bridges Security Audit
  • Exa bridges live on Mainnet

Meet the team

Ted Nivan
Ted Nivan
Co-Founder | CEO
Marc-André Ploux
Marc-André Ploux
Co-Founder | Fullstack Engineer
Pascal Giammelluca
Pascal Giammelluca
Co-Founder | Software Engineer